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2018 Las Vegas Summer Package | 2018 Las Vegas Summer Events


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Campaign Type: Campaign is EQUITY Crowdfunded

YouStake has no ownership of player offerings, the Players own the shares being offered.

Last Call:May 31, 2018

Location:Las Vegas, NV

Gregory Raymer Rankings: The Hendon Mob


FossilMan 2018 WSOP/Summer Package


Thanks for reading my offer for staking for the WSOP and other events this summer in Las Vegas.  The structure of this package is different from what I’ve put forward in previous years, so please read carefully, make sure you understand, and ask questions if you’re not sure.

If you buy into this package, you will have a piece of all my tournament action this summer at the WSOP and other venues around Las Vegas, as outlined in more detail below.  This package only includes MTTs (multi-table tournaments), and does not include satellites of any sort, nor does it include cash games.  At the bottom of this document, I have put together a list of the most likely events that I will enter.  However, this package is not guaranteed to include any specific event, other than the WSOP Main Event, which will be included for sure.

I am putting up at least $20,000 of the package, and possibly more.  I am hoping to raise enough to cover at least $60,000 of buy-ins, and as much as $100,000.  Each investor will own a percentage of the action based upon the amount of their investment divided by the total amount raised.  This package will be closed to further participation prior to the start of the first event that I play, so each investor will know their percentage before action begins.  For example, if you invest $1,000 (plus applicable markup), and the total package reaches $100,000, you will be paid 1% of any cashes I achieve this summer in Las Vegas.  If I do not enter a total of at least $100,000 in buyins, you will also have the appropriate amount of your investment returned (including markup for that portion).  If I only entered MTTs with total buyins of $50,000, you would be returned half of your initial investment (including markup on that half) plus 1% of all cashes.  If I spend all $100,000 on buyins, you will be sent 1% of all cashes.

In the same scenario, you have invested $1,000 (plus applicable markup), and the total package reaches $80,000, everything else would be the same, except you would receive 1.25% of all cashes.  The downside to a larger bankroll is you own a smaller percentage.  But the upside to a larger bankroll is that we can enter more events, giving us more opportunities to win.

If I enter more tournaments than the package’s bankroll can afford, then the package will own the first events in their entirety, and own none of the later events that I enter using only my own money.  For example, if the package is $60,000, and I enter events totaling $80,000, then the package owns the results for the first $60,000 worth of buyins, and owns none of the last $20,000.  The only exception to this is the WSOP Main Event, which the package will own regardless of when it occurs in the spending pattern.  In the same scenario, where the package totals $60,000, I enter $80,000 worth of events, and the WSOP Main Event is within the last $20,000 of events entered, then the package will own the first $50,000 worth of events plus the WSOP Main Event, and will own none of the other $20,000 worth of events.

The only case in which the package owns something other than 0% or 100% of an event would be at the end of the package, in which case it is possible, even likely, that the package will own a partial share of an event.  For example, if the package had a total of $80,000, I have played $79,000 worth of buyins, and now enter an event priced at $2,000, then I would use the last $1,000 of the package towards this buyin, plus $1,000 of my own money.  In that case, investors in the package would only get half of their normal percentage of a cash in that event.  If you had owned 1.25% of every cash up to this point, you would only receive 0.625% of any cash from this last event (and 0% of any events I enter afterwards).

Below is a list of preferred events for me to enter this summer.  Obviously, due to overlaps and other reasons, I cannot play every event listed.  These are simply the frontrunners of all the events being offered this summer.  Other than the WSOP Main Event, none of these tournaments have buyins above $2500, and most are between $365-1500.  If I stick to this list, then the buyins are unlikely to total much more than $60,000.  If the interest in this package is strong enough, and we hit a total closer to $100,000, then I will likely choose to include some of the $10K buyin events listed on the bottom, especially bracelet events #18 and #23, where I feel I have the largest edge of all these $10K events.

You will be able to follow my progress on Twitter at  I will let you know on twitter where we are at in terms of starting bankroll for the package, and where we stand in terms of amounts spent and amounts left in the package throughout the summer.

Thanks for your consideration!

Greg Raymer (FossilMan)



Thu, May 31st    10:00 AM             GN: $250 NL 2-7

Fri, Jun 1st         12:00 PM             PH: $300 Mixed Triple Draw

Sat, Jun 2nd       10:00 AM             Event #7A: Colossus - $565 NLH

                             5:00 PM             Event #7B: Colossus - $565 NLH

Sun, Jun 3rd       10:00 AM             Event #7C: Colossus - $565 NLH

                           12:00 PM             PH: $300 Dealers Choice

                             5:00 PM             Event #7D: Colossus - $565 NLH

Mon, Jun 4th      10:00 AM             Event #7E: Colossus - $565 NLH

                           11:00 AM             ARIA: $470 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball

                             3:00 PM             Event #12: $1,500 Dealers Choice (One re-entry)

                             5:00 PM             Event #7F: Colossus - $565 NLH

Tue, Jun 5th         3:00 PM               Event #14: $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball (One re-entry)

Wed, Jun 6th     11:00 AM              Event #15: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

                          11:00 AM              GN: $250 Mixed Triple Draw

Thu, Jun 7th      11:00 AM             Event #17: $1,500 NLH 6-Max

                            2:00 PM             Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

                          12:00 PM             PH: $250 HORSE

Fri, Jun 8th        10:00 AM             Event #19A: $565 PLO (Unlimited Re-entry)

                            5:00 PM             Event #19B: $565 PLO (Unlimited Re-entry)

Sat, Jun 9th         3:00 PM             Event #22: $1,500 Eight Game Mix

Sun, Jun 10th    10:00 AM            Event #21B: $1,500 NLH MILLIONAIRE MAKER (One re-entry per flight)

                          12:00 PM            Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

                          12:00 PM            PH: $250 8-Game

Mon, Jun 11th    11:00 AM            Wynn: $550 NLH Seniors

                            3:00 PM             Event #25: $1,500 Stud8

Tue, Jun 12th     11:00 AM            Event #26: $1,000 PLO

                           12:00 PM           PH: $250 Triple Draw

Wed, Jun 13th    11:00 AM           ARIA: $470 NLH Seniors

                           12:00 PM           Wynn: $550 PLO

                             3:00 PM           Event #29: $1,500 2-7 Triple Draw

Thu, Jun 14th     10:00 AM           GN: $360 NLH Seniors

                             3:00 PM           Event #31: $1,500 Stud

Fri, Jun 15th       10:00 AM           Event #32: $1,000 NLH Seniors (One Re-entry)

Sat, Jun 16th      10:00 AM           PH: $600 NLH Seniors

                             3:00 PM           GN: $1000 NLH Seniors

Sun, Jun 17th     11:00 AM           Event #34B: $1,000 Double Stack NLH (Unlimited re-entry)

                           11:00 AM           ARIA: $470 NLH seniors

Mon, Jun 18th    11:00 AM           Event #37: $1,500 NLH

                           11:00 AM           Binions: $365 2-7 Single Draw

Tue, Jun 19th     11:00 AM           GN: $250 PLO8

                          12:00 PM            Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

                            3:00 PM            Event #40: $2,500 Mixed Big Bet (One re-entry)

Wed, Jun 20th    11:00 AM           GN: $570 PLO

                           11:00 AM           Binions: $365 Mixed Stud

                           12:00 PM          Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

Thu, Jun 21st     10:00 AM          GN: $570 OE

                           12:00 PM          Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

Fri, Jun 22nd      11:00 AM           Event #45: $1,000 NLH (30 minute levels)

                           11:00 AM           Orleans: $400 Day 1a Seniors SPT Championship

                             3:00 PM           Event #46 $2,500 OE

Sat, Jun 23rd     10:00 AM            Event #48A: $1,500 NLH Monster Stack

                           11:00 AM            Orleans: $400 Day 1b Seniors SPT Championship

                           12:00 PM            PH: $300 Razz

Sun, Jun 24th    10:00 AM             Event #48B: $1,500 NLH Monster Stack

                          11:00 AM             Orleans: $340 Seniors Omaha8 SPT Championship

                          11:00 AM             GN: $360 Big-O

                           3:00 PM              Event #50: $1,500 Razz

Mon, Jun 25th   11:00 AM             Event #51: $1,500 NLH Bounty ($500 Bounties)

                         12:00 PM             Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

Tue, Jun 26th    11:00 AM            Event #53: $1,500 PLO8 (One re-entry)

                          11:00 AM            GN: $250 Triple Stud

Wed, Jun 27th   11:00 AM            GN: $570 PLO8/Omaha8/BigO

                          12:00 PM            Wynn: $1100 NLH 1M guarantee Day 1b

Thu, Jun 28th    11:00 AM            Binions: $585 HORSE Championship Day 1a

                          12:00 PM            Wynn: $1100 NLH 1M guarantee Day 1c

Fri, Jun 29th       11:00 AM           Event #59: $1,000 NLH Super Turbo Bounty ($300 Bounties)

                           11:00 AM           Binions: $585 HORSE Championship Day 1b

                             7:00 PM           Event #6E: GIANT - $365 NLH (Unlimited Re-Entry)

Sat, Jun 30th      10:00 AM           Event #62A: $888 Crazy Eights NLH (Unlimited Re-Entry)

                             5:00 PM           Event #62B: $888 Crazy Eights NLH (Unlimited Re-Entry)

Sun, Jul 1st        10:00 AM            Event #62C: $888 Crazy Eights NLH (Unlimited Re-Entry)

                           11:00 AM            GN: $360 HORSE

                             5:00 PM            Event #62D: $888 Crazy Eights NLH (Unlimited Re-Entry)

                             7:00 PM            Event #11E: PLO GIANT - $365 PLO (Unlimited Re-Entry)

Mon, Jul 2nd       11:00 AM            Event #65A: $10,000 NLH MAIN EVENT - World Championship

Tue, Jul 3rd         11:00 AM            Event #65B: $10,000 NLH MAIN EVENT - World Championship

                           12:00 PM             Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

Wed, Jul 4th        11:00 AM            Event #65C: $10,000 NLH MAIN EVENT - World Championship

                            12:00 PM            Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

Thu, Jul 5th         12:00 PM            Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee 

                              3:00 PM             Event #66: $1,500 NLH

Fri, Jul 6th            12:00 PM            Wynn: $550 NLH 100K guarantee

                              3:00 PM             Event #67: $1,500 PLO w/ $500 Bounties

Sat, Jul 7th            3:00 PM             PH: $350 NLH Turbo w/ $100 Bounties

Sun, Jul 8th         11:00 AM             Wynn: $550 NLH Seniors

Mon, Jul 9th       12:00 PM             PH: $330 PLO

Tue, Jul 10th        3:00 PM             Event #72: $1,500 Mixed NLH/PLO 8-Max

Wed, Jul 11th      11:00 AM             Event #73: $1,000 Double Stack NLH (30 min levels)

Thu, Jul 12th       11:00 AM             Event #75A: The Closer - $1,500 NLH (30 min levels, Unlimited Re-Entry)

Fri, Jul 13th         11:00 AM             Event #75B: The Closer - $1,500 NLH (30 min levels, Unlimited Re-Entry)

                            11:00 AM             PH: $250 HORSE

Sat, Jul 14th        11:00 AM             Event #75C: The Closer - $1,500 NLH (30 min levels, Unlimited Re-Entry)


Numbered events are WSOP bracelet events

PH = Planet Hollywood

GN = Golden Nugget


Events added if strong interest in package:

                Event #18: $10,000 Dealers Choice

                Event #23: $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Championship (One re-entry)

                Event #27: $10,000 HORSE

                Event #44: $10,000 2-7 Triple Draw Championship

                Event #46 $2,500 OE

                Event #56: $10,000 Razz Championship

                Event #60: $10,000 PLO8 Championship

                Event #64: $10,000 Stud8 Championship

                Event #76: $3,000 HORSE

Thanks for your consideration!

Greg Raymer (FossilMan)


Events: 1, Did not Play 0, Played: 1, Remaining: 0

Package Winnings and Refunds
TotalTo Backers
Events Defined for this Package
StartEventBuy In
2018 Las Vegas Summer Package
May 31, 20182018 Las Vegas Summer Events$45,000.00
Played, In the money, cashed for $40,376.00, Backers received $14,663.13,Ended 184 days ago

Backer NamePercentDateRewardStatus
Greg Raymer63.68%May 07, 2018NonePlayer
John Van Arnam~0.11%May 07, 2018NonePaid
stabletk~0.22%May 07, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~0.04%May 07, 2018NonePaid
BEANO52~0.09%May 07, 2018NonePaid
Jose Mata~0.04%May 07, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~0.44%May 08, 2018NonePaid
Herbert Turner~0.56%May 08, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~0.24%May 09, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~1.11%May 10, 2018NonePaid
Dennis Whiton~0.09%May 10, 2018NonePaid
Silverstag~4.44%May 12, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~2.22%May 15, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~0.22%May 15, 2018NonePaid
Nate Nichols~0.44%May 16, 2018NonePaid
Michael Baldwin0.10%May 16, 2018NonePaid
EelRedJet~0.07%May 17, 2018NonePaid
Tim Abbott~0.08%May 17, 2018NonePaid
Stephen Patch~0.22%May 17, 2018NonePaid
MarcMaxey~0.06%May 17, 2018NonePaid
TheMayorPete~0.56%May 17, 2018NonePaid
flutie1~0.22%May 18, 2018NonePaid
TheWizO~0.56%May 18, 2018NonePaid
Joan Marsh~0.24%May 18, 2018NonePaid
MikeRhineheart~0.22%May 18, 2018NonePaid
David Lukas0.10%May 20, 2018NonePaid
Lonnie Johnson~0.56%May 20, 2018NonePaid
Garry Bliesner~0.04%May 20, 2018NonePaid
Benjamin Van Klink~0.56%May 20, 2018NonePaid
John Spagnuolo~0.12%May 21, 2018NonePaid
Tony~0.56%May 21, 2018NonePaid
larryk13~0.09%May 21, 2018NonePaid
Kunfulou~0.04%May 21, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~2.22%May 23, 2018NonePaid
PauLBoRo~0.67%May 23, 2018NonePaid
Jlack~0.22%May 23, 2018NonePaid
John Freemon~1.11%May 23, 2018NonePaid
Christopher Atkinson~0.04%May 24, 2018NonePaid
Michael Buchmiller~0.56%May 24, 2018NonePaid
Bruce S~0.22%May 24, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~0.07%May 24, 2018NonePaid
Chris~0.22%May 24, 2018NonePaid
RyanVanBeekum~0.11%May 24, 2018NonePaid
Jason Wallace~0.56%May 25, 2018NonePaid
John Skrabutenas~2.22%May 25, 2018NonePaid
Jeremy~0.22%May 25, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~0.10%May 25, 2018NonePaid
daflop42~0.04%May 25, 2018NonePaid
DavidBass~0.22%May 26, 2018NonePaid
MH~1.11%May 27, 2018NonePaid
JSLeonard~1.11%May 28, 2018NonePaid
Bob Torrance~0.04%May 28, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~0.22%May 28, 2018NonePaid
JulioSanchez~0.56%May 28, 2018NonePaid
ThomasPremeaux~0.49%May 29, 2018NonePaid
PeterD~0.56%May 29, 2018NonePaid
Catfish~0.22%May 29, 2018NonePaid
Silverstag~5.56%May 29, 2018NonePaid
Northgate44~0.22%May 29, 2018NonePaid
Steven Barnhouse~0.04%May 30, 2018NonePaid
DanielGerard~1.11%May 30, 2018NonePaid
Anonymous~0.22%May 30, 2018NonePaid
888Tim~0.56%May 30, 2018NonePaid
ChillChill~0.09%May 30, 2018NonePaid
Steven Barnhouse~0.04%May 30, 2018NonePaid
rpgronnieg~0.56%May 31, 2018NonePaid
nate110~0.11%May 31, 2018NonePaid

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