Armah David


I'm a 25+ year entertainment professional/DJ who started playing high stakes cash games back in 2004 at Foxwoods, and took on daily and major tournaments by 2006 with over 100+ cashes nationwide since(while also making a name on the poker racetrack circuit), with a 60%+ final table appearance rating. Recently moved to Las Vegas, and on the path to becoming a consistent pro player. Appreciate your stake and all your help with helping me get there. Thanks! I'm also looking forward to backing some of my fellow players as well...see you on the felt!! +++Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin via @MrG718 ...also chat with me on Discord.+++ -The Hendon Mob link below. My stats are not all there due to relocations and ID/name mixups in the past, but hopefully it gives you a decent idea. Thanks again!!!