Hey guys, I'm a 12 year professional poker player from the UK. I have over $700k in total profits and have spent most of my career playing online cash games up to $5/10 but have been transitioning to MTTs the last 4 years or so. I still play cash but now play a lot of online MTTs too, up to the $1ks. Big scores so far include 2nd in the Sunday Million ($99k), 2nd in the Super Tuesday ($65k), 2nd in the GG Winter Series (19k), 4th in the Supersonic (18k), 1st in the Big 55 (17k). I am keen to reduce my variance and am happy to give up a little EV in the process so as to make the journey a lot smoother for myself. Thanks for buying and I look forward to making you all some money! Regular MTTs across all sites graph: https://www.sharkscope.com/#Player-Statistics//networks/Player%20Group/players/WhatA298?filter=Class:SCHEDULED;Type!:SAT,ST,T $500 MTTs: $500+: https://imgur.com/a/pNKfxy9