Kym Possible


Recreational Player recently back from a 4 month hiatus and hit the ground running with my first WSPOC ring! I will be playing at least 2 tournaments a month for the coming months, preparing for the WSOP, so I hope you'll give staking me a try and we can all make a few extra dollars! You can check out my hendon mob and see i do ok Update: I Did not play in April due to Life getting in the way, but will try and get in a few tournaments before wsop I will also be kicking up my studying this month. I havent been able to play as much as I wanted.. Only about 2 a month, but, Ive cashed in 50%, so not bad. I was told by a guy this past cash that i "didnt play like a girl" (well, good cuz im a woman..). I asked him to expound. Apparently, he thinks women only play certain hands and , i dont tend to follow those rules... can i just put an eye roll here.. Anyhow, Ive been recreationally playing MTT for about 6 years, and only kicked it up this past year. Im hoping to find a big win and keep on this upward trend!