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Fully integrated Staking

An all-in-one platform for players to get backed into live tournaments from their friends, family, fans, and the masses.  FREE to post, you choose your terms, YouStake will take a small admin fee to cover registration, contracts, payouts, and taxes.

Secure and safe transactions

Money is safely transferred between backer and player accounts.  Don’t rely on handshake and back room deals, and don’t get blinded paying 3rd party transfer fees. YouStake.com is SSL secure and transparent from beginning to end.

Real-Time Interaction

Live updates throughout tournament play.  Take the sport to a whole new level, interact with your favorite players, and return the favor with your roster of all-star backers.  Connect your social media accounts and send private messages.


YouStake is the first fully integrated sports staking platform that allows the masses to invest in skilled sports players for entry in live events.

At YouStake, we are cutting out all of the manual processes – finding a player, finding a backer, typing up an agreement, signing a contract, transferring money, registering for a tournament, keeping track of taxes and paying out the winnings.

On top of streamlining that process, we are also providing security of funds by mitigating the risk of loss of funds between agreement to back and registration, plus adding a community & social aspect that provides private messages and updates throughout the tournament event.

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